I will be always by your side to remind you all the things we will do.


Every Mom Needs to Know

Listen Your Baby

The bond between mother and baby grows stronger and calms mood-swings.


Track development process of pregnancy by reminders every single day.

Advises and Plans

Watch day by day developing baby while get the most crucial info about the pregnancy health advises, nutrician and exercise plans.


D a y   D a y   B a b y   A p p

Speaks trough babies to pregnant mother to be, about his needs and wishes for mother’s well being.

H i  M o m !
E v e r y d a y   I s   a   N e w   A d v e n t u r e !

We are together now; as one.
Whatever you do from now on, will affect us both.
While I complete my journey of coming into existence; we will eat and drink together,
listen to the sounds and, breathe in the world around.
Day by day I will become an individual..
...and until that day please listen to me for our well-being :)
Yours very truly…

D a y  b y  D a y  B a b y

App Features


DayDayBaby has so many things
to tell you about!


Listen your baby talk to you and tell you what you are
experiencing day by day.


You may watch development of the baby and get
noticed of the most important periods,
understand why and how.

Expectant Household

Everyone in the house wonders about the new member
of the family. Let’s meet up!

Health Advices

Reminders for exercise and nutrician plans

Positive Thoughts

Mood swings caused by hormones can be reduced
by simple tips. Stress is harmfull to the baby too. ligula pulvinar at.